Alice In underland

A place Alice thought she knew.
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 At the mad hatter's tea party.

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PostSubject: At the mad hatter's tea party.   Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:54 pm

Lucy sat at the huge chair at the head of the long table. Lucy was the mad hatter. She enjoyed making hats and planning tea party's for everyone. But did only some know that she was not only just the lowly hatter she was the head of the mad mob. The mob that is going around and causing a lot of problems for the red queen. Did Lucy care about what the red queen wanted? Nope. She knew the red queen wanted her dead. An that never bothered her at all. She rather thinks it as a fun game.
As Lucy looked around she sighed knowing that it was boring with no one to have tea with her. She loved having tea her gusts. It was the best part of the day lucy always said. Lucy got up from her chair and walked around the table counting to ten a few times. "Where is my guest's?" She said with a nnoyed tone that could scare anyone.
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At the mad hatter's tea party.
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